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Time a Treasured Gift

One of our biggest gifts and how we invest in ourselves is to look at where we are spending our time.  What if we started looking at time as a treasured gift?

I loved this thought from the Spring Magnolia Network Journal.

Our willingness to build the architecture of our lives and the rhythm of our days around time reveals the value we place on our own time and on how we choose to use and share this treasured gift.

As you move through your week, take a few moment to reflect on how you are getting closer to your true priorities.  And the boundaries you may need to consider.

How often do we take an open and honest look at what is in our calendar and all the commitments we are juggling? Is every meeting in your calendar one you need to attend?  When you are asked to take on something extra personally or professionally, how often do you consider what can I let go of, what can I do differently, or are greater boundaries needed to say thank you and decline.

Many years ago I was working as an executive secretary for a small not-for-profit.  We were a staff of 3.5.  I was a single Mom.  My role required that I travel several times per year.

To keep all the balls in the air I was juggling professionally I needed to work 6 days a week.

This was long before working remotely was even an option.

My Dad introduced me to an idea.  Do a time inventory, or what some call a desk audit, of everything you are doing for 3 weeks  It was amazing what I learned.  With some simple changes to how and when I worked, taking into account different working styles of colleagues and partners, I was able to reduce my hours of overtime.

This is something I have done for many years and the insights are always amazing.

Sometimes we cannot change what is on our plate, we can make choices on how and when we do something, and consider is this nourishing us.

Sitting with this and carefully considering what we may say a thoughtful yes to.

Photography by Sharon K. Summerfield; quote by Whitney Johnson with Disruption Advisors

One of the biggest areas where we can make different choices is the meetings we attend.  If time is a treasured gift, saying no to more meetings that could have been an e-mail is a great way to start.

It is up to us to carefully choose how we spend our time and how these choices align with our values.  Harry Kraemer, Your 168

As you look at your calendar, are you spending your time on your true priorities?  As Harry Kraemer shares in his book Your 168, you have 168 hours each week. What different choices can you make viewing time as a treasured gift?

If you would like to learn strategies on ways view time as a treasured gift please do reach out for a 15 minute complimentary meeting.

Be kind.

Be patient.

Be nourished in all you do.


Photography Sharon K. Summerfield

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