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I am Sharon K. Summerfield, founder of The Nourished Executive.

I am a Wellbeing Coach and a Holistic Nutritionist with demonstrated success in nurturing healthy employees and high performing organizations. It is through a holistic lens we work with our clients finding that sweet spot to move away from work life balance to harmonizing life, where work is only one part.

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Thoughts from those I have worked with

  • I’ve known Sharon for many years and am so proud of her passion and how hard she has worked to establish The Nourished Executive. I’m not surprised at how well Sharon has done, as she has an insatiable appetite for learning and sharing with her friends and colleagues. Sharon provided valuable nutritional and dietary information and suggestions to help with my arthritic aches and pains. I was successful in losing about 5 lbs. and my sleep quality improved. She listened with a sympathetic, non judgmental ear and attitude. I highly recommend Sharon’s expertise and services as The Nourished Executive.

    Diana Newton
  • Sharon is not only excellent at what she does (and she does a lot), she is a thoughtful, kind and engaging person. She is always holding a greater goods in mind - the client's, the project's, the program's - and is able to connect the necessary threads to support all their perspectives and objectives. I enjoy every chance she and I have to connect.

    Jennifer Danielson

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