Consider what you will say a thoughtful yes to

We decide what we will say a thoughtful “yes” to. We decide whether, or not, we will keep our commitments. Whitney Johnson

I saw this thought in one of Whitney Johnson’s newsletter and this resonated with me. How often do we consider what we are saying yes or no to?

How often do we take a realistic look at our overall 24/7 schedule and if we can consider adding one more thing?

In making decisions by saying yes, does the idea of what you will do, bring you joy? By saying no what will you miss out on, or is taking some downtime what is needed?

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend, who is also a former colleague. She and her husband have two small boys, one who is 5 and the other 2. Her husband is a senior accountant and his role requires he work 6 days per week. She is a transportation technologist and being encouraged by her manager to work on getting her professional designation in engineering. This young family is trying to harmonize all the pieces and feeling like there is more discord than harmony. How often do we consider can we do one more thing? If the answer is yes, what will we say no to and what will we consider letting go of?

When considering if yes, is the right answer to attend another social engagement how will this nourish us and our families and will we experience joy?

What will you say a thoughtful yes to? Consider as you go through your week, what will bring you joy and nourish you? Take a thoughtful look at what you are currently trying to harmonize. When saying yes or declining an invitation and looking at investing in professional development, is this the right decision for you at this moment in time.

Be nourished in all you do.


Photograph Sharon K. Summerfield; Quote Whitney Johnson

Photo credit:  Sharon K. Summerfield, Gorges Harbour, Cortes Island, BC Canada


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