Connection is my word for 2023

For the past number of years I have chosen a word for the following year.

Some of the words I have chosen are Grace, Nourish and Harmony.

This year, as we look forward to 2023, I have chosen once again the word Connection.  For me this past year I have navigated several health issues.  I cannot begin to express how much it has meant people checking in.  Simple questions how are you?  Is there anything you need?  And how can I help?  All these questions and creating space to listen helped to build connection.

Our next health crisis honestly is loneliness.

Over the past number of years the ways we connect has changed.  We have numerous tools to connect.  Having more ways to be “on” and connected has created more disconnection.  This is the time for Grace.

As Dr. Vivek Murthy shared in his book, Together – The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World, and in his conversation with Brene Brown, finding those ways to connect and share our stories is vital to our wellbeing.

When we look at ways to prevent and recover from burnout finding those ways to create connection is key.  It is so important we consider how we are coming together, does this energize us?  In what ways can we create greater harmony?

As we look at ways to give ourselves grace and create harmony it is also key to consider what will nourish us.  This means considering, the relationships we are investing in, our work, how we spend our personal time, and yes the foods we are enjoying.  Are these filling us up, so we can feel nourished in all we do, or are they depleting us?  Are we able to shine our light?

There are times when we need to pause and just be.  This can be as simple as taking time to meditate, building in time to reflect in nature, and asking ourselves this question “What do I need in this moment?”


As we look forward to 2023, to build connection we first really need to look at how we can yes more often to ourselves.  This does mean carefully looking at our true priorities.

When we are invited to attend various events and meetings, both personal and professional, it is so important we ask ourselves will this energize me?  Taking into account everything on our plates, can I bring my best to this activity?  Or do I need to pause and share my thanks for the invitation and send regrets.

Finding those ways to connect with others begins with how we connect with ourselves.

We can then choose.

In what ways can you create greater connection in your life?

Be kind.

Be patient.

Be nourished in all you do.

Sharon K. Summerfield

Spring Sunset

Photography – Sharon K. Summerfield

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