WXN SUMMER SIZZLE Series: Featuring Sharon K. Summerfield

Join our Summer Sizzle series… because sometimes, girls just wanna have fun! Sharon Summerfield, RHN, will share her lessons learned on her journey to a career in nutrition and wellness.

  • When: Thursday, August 20 6:00 PM
  • Where: ZOOM
  • Contact: Women’s Executive Network rsvp@wxnetwork.com

Event Details:

WXN Summer Sizzle Series

Join our Summer Sizzle series… because sometimes, girls just wanna have fun!

You know that feeling when you dig your toes into warm sand? When you sip a cold beverage in the sun? When the wind whips through your hair as you cruise with the windows down? That’s summer.

It’s also the perfect time to gear up for the rest of the year. To arm yourself with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength for whatever comes next. To remember to do something kind for yourself, have fun and enjoy life.

In other words: It’s time to make your summer sizzle.

That’s what WXN’s Summer Sizzle is all about. Our new virtual cocktail chat series powers up your skills in the arts of grounding, resilience, nutrition, happiness and more. Plus, it’s fully interactive – meaning you’ll not only learn something new, but you’ll get to practice it, too!

So grab your favourite drink, head out to your patio and get ready to mix and mingle with our amazing WXN community of great leaders.


Featuring: Sharon K. Summerfield 

Harmonize your life and nourish your well being.

Our greatest opportunity is to say yes to what excites and nourishes us.

At this Summer Sizzle event Sharon will share her journey intertwined with many lessons in wisdom working across the sectors and transitioning to a career in nutrition and wellness.

The event will cover:

  • Our relationship with stress.
  • Making time to move each day and invest in our self care.
  • Nourish our body, mind and spirit by lifting others and eating with greater mindfulness.
  • Harmonizing all the parts of our lives
  • All built on a foundation of nutrition and wellness.

We can make different choices, on how we spend our time and energy, where asking for help, taking breaks and scheduling downtime is celebrated and encouraged.

This 1.5 hour event is FREE for our WXN Members and only $15 for Non-members.

*NEW! Discounted offer for non-members: $15 for a limited time only. Don’t miss out!

For more info:  https://wxnetwork.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1395270&group=

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