Expressing Gratitude with a Personalized Note

These past few years have not been easy.  We are craving connection.  As we transitioned from working and socializing in person, to more of a hybrid model and returning to coming together in person, many are feeling isolated, disconnected and alone.  To help us engage with our teams, friends and families we had to discover new ways to connect.

Technology has been a blessing.  And also a curse.  Some of you know that I was in an accident where my right hand, arm and shoulder was injured, a few years ago.  Being away from a formal work environment, before covid, I felt disconnected.  Part of my morning routine was to walk and take photos, using voice commands, as I was able.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates vision for tomorrow.  Melody Beattie

There were so many people that showed me incredible kindnesses with their time and help. I wanted to express my gratitude in a more authentic way and started turning my photos into cards.  This Instagram page features many of the photo cards that continue to be created highlighting the  gifts of nature.

Not only was this a great way to connect it was a way to share part of my world with them, even though we were apart, and a great writing exercise to help strengthen my hand.

As our world continues to open up, revisiting the ritual of the expressing thanks with a handwritten card, will help us connect.  For many generations sharing a handwritten card was how gratitude was expressed.

Common courtesy is the red carpet that opens the doors of life.  Julie Lynott-Haimes

During the first lock down, as I was feeling so disconnected from colleagues, family and friends I created a card, featuring the flowers in our garden.  It was my way of sharing the gifts of nature we were enjoying from our garden even though we could not be together.

As we continue to open up, the need to find those ways to connect with a handwritten note has never been more important.  It is through the writing of the card, pen to paper, we can share our gratitude for the difference someone makes in our lives.

  • This could be to share your gratitude for meeting a new connection at a Networking Event.
  •  A supplier you were hoping to do business with and unfortunately that is not within the scope of their business.
  • A simple thank you for someone sharing information on a role.
  • Letting someone know you are thinking of them.
  • Celebrating a milestone or celebrating a key deliverable on a project.
  • Drawing your name for a book they have written or by another well known author.
  • Sending a birthday or anniversary card.

The options are endless

Another piece of the past number of years is many not-for-profits have been negatively impacted by their ability to fundraise. For me I wanted to do something.

This photo is from my Mom’s garden and was turned it into a photo card printed at our local printer.  All proceeds from this card, featuring love and friendship, will go to the Canadian Cancer Society, in support of Breast Cancer Research.

In what ways can you look for the opportunities to express gratitude to others?  Perhaps a handwritten card feels like one more thing.  Start with a personalized note, using your preferred form of technology.  The next person on your team who reaches a milestone, send a handwritten note.  This is a beautiful opportunity to let people know we seen them, we care, and invest in a relationship.

Look for those beautiful moments to build connection.  This will nourish your soul and your wellbeing.

Be kind.

Be patient.

Be nourished in all you do.

Sharon K. Summerfield


Photography by Sharon K. Summerfield

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