Listen to understand and invest in nourishing your relationships

I have recently been following Whitney Johnson, enjoying her newsletters and following her on social media. How often do we consider the words we are using and if the person or groups we are spending time with understand what we are saying?

We all crave connection and want to contribute. Building on this thought Whitney Johnson also shared

“Maybe we can find greater clarity of our own if we spend a little time translating our ideas into an unfamiliar “language”. Trying to imagine how they sound or feel in someone else’s world.”

A number of years ago I joined a team with a large electronic health project. I had been out of work for 9 months and excited about this new role, as an executive assistant on this project. Previously I had worked in engineering and construction and was familiar with those professional discussions, sprinkled with industry specific acronyms. When I joined the e-health project everything was communicated in acronyms. The first meeting I attended I was completely lost.

Following that meeting I started capturing each acronym shared and its definition in my notebook and would review this list on an ongoing basis. Within one month of joining the team I attended a meeting where I understood the entire flow of the conversation. This experience has stayed with me.

It is important we find ways to build relationships and look for thoughtful ways to participate in conversations where each person feels they can participate, share ideas and be heard.

How often do we consider our audience? We build connection by learning to listen more than speak and seeking to understand.

This is made possible when we step back, reaching across the aisle to consider our audience and how our thoughts may sound and feel in their world.

As you go through your week, consider how you are sharing your ideas. Look for ways to build nourishing relationships where everyone feels heard and is valued. Wishing you a beautiful week. Be nourished in all you do.

Photo credit – Sharon K. Summerfield; sunrise Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC Canada and sunset Horne Lake, BC, Canada

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