The Surprising Science of Meetings, author Steven G. Rogelberg Brilliant book to improve your meetings

This is such a  great book.  Sadly many are losing so much time in meetings.   This is an insightful, well researched based book sharing ideas on improving our meetings. For many of us we are incorporating these strategies in our meetings.  The Surprising Science of Meetings invites us to look at different ways to improve our meetings, where everyone around the table has a voice, is participating in a respectful and professional manner, and being mindful of the time allocated.

Author Steven G. Rogelberg shares

The goal should actually be to eliminate ineffective and bloated meetings – it is important to take stock of what meetings are implicitly and explicitly costing an organization and what the return is on that investment.

It is important we speak honestly and respectfully with those who are continually late, go off topic and speak more than listen.  At the end of each chapter a summary is shared and at the end of the book a series of tools and charts are provided to help with improving your meetings.

A few ideas shared:

  • Invest time in planning your meetings and consider if a meeting is needed.
  • Build better agendas that are unique to each of your meetings.
  • Shorten the time of your meeting to include transition time between meetings.
  • Ensure you have the right people in the room and everyone is participating.
  • Carefully consider how many people you need to be part of the  meeting.
  • Look at ways to gain input from others who have insights to share, and may not be able to attend.
  • Share outcomes with those who have been involved in this work and may not have attended the meeting.
  • Consider how you can use silence in your meetings.
  • Survey meeting attendees for their thoughts on the meeting.
  • Consider where it makes sense to incorporate snacks in your meetings.
  • And so much more

Another book that compliments this book is The Art of Gathering- How we Meet and Why it Matters, author Priya Parker.

Consider ways that you can improve your meetings. It truly is a gift to be part of meetings that are well organized, with the right people involved in the discussion, that move the conversation forward making decisions in support of the team, project and organization.

Be nourished in all you do.

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