Women in Leadership Foundation guest speaker July 24

The Women in Leadership Foundation Vancouver Chapter is pleased to present a series of health and wellness events in celebration of International Self-Care Day on July 24.

Please join us on Thursday, July 30, as we conclude our Self-Care series. In this virtual event, Sharon K. Summerfield, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The Nourished Executive, will walk us through how to Invest in Your Self Care and Nourish Your Well Being.

Participation is FREE but attendance is limited. Register today.

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Event Description

Currently the rates of anxiety and burnout, especially for women are going up and not down. The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and author/researcher Dr. Lisa Mosconi are discovering that 2/3 of those receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s are women. Sadly, very few independent studies have been done on women. It is through small changes making sleep and rest a priority we can make different choices. Investing in our self-care is a beautiful place to begin as we identify our true priorities.

At this event I will share my journey intertwined with many lessons in wisdom working across the sectors, being on an extensive healing journey, and moving towards a career in nutrition and wellness.

We will look at:

  • Strategies to identify our true priorities
  • Nourish our body, mind and spirit by lifting others and eating with greater mindfulness
  • Creating space to pause, reflect, and schedule downtime where rest and sleep are a priority.
  • Making time to move each day and invest in our self care.
  • Harmonizing all the parts of our lives.

All built on a foundation of nutrition and wellness.

We can make different choices, on how we spend our time and energy, where asking for help, taking breaks and scheduling downtime is celebrated and encouraged.


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