The Whole Body Microbiome – How to Harness Microbes – Inside and Out for Lifelong Health

I recently finished reading a very interesting book “The Whole Body Microbiome – How to Harness Microbes – Inside and Out for Lifelong Health” written by Dr. Brett Finlay (microbiologist) and his daughter Dr. Jessica Finlay (environmental gerontologist).

Highlighted in this well researched book, our well-being is directly linked to everything that surrounds us.

Through diet and life style changes we can harness the power of our microbes to improve our health, and help protect the brain from Alzheimer and Dementia.

The authors reference the power of the MIND Diet, which is the Mediterranean-DASH-diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.  There is initial research from 2015 that the MIND diet does help to lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. (link to an article with University Health News

One area the authors do speak to in addition to the MIND diet is the importance of activity.  As many age their levels of activities decrease where they become frail and lose strength and the potential to fall is increased.

It is so important to keep moving and incorporate activity as we are able.  This helps us stay stronger in both body, mind and spirit.

The more we focus on eating whole foods, building activity in our lives and considering the environment and how our food is grown, the healthier our body and mind will be.

In addition to reading this very interesting book I recently attended a one day intensive workshop on “The Gut-Microbiome Impact on Female Hormone Health, Mood, Metabolism and Immune Function” in Vancouver.

One of the key note speakers was Dr. Nigel Plummer, who has a doctorate in microbial physiology from the University of Surrey, UK. Dr. Nigel Plummer spoke for more than 3.5 hours and shared we are learning more and more about the Microbiome each and everyday.  Currently there are more than 4,000 research projects focused on the Microbiome. The Microbiome is a fascinating topic.  I encourage you to take a look at “The Whole Body Microbiome”.

Be nourished in all you do.

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