In creating harmony, we find new ways to blend the melodic rhythm in the dance of life

Harmony is the word I have chosen for 2020.

What word have you chosen as we begin this next decade?

I continue to be puzzled by the conversations on work-life balance. How can there ever be balance between work and life; if work is always priority number one? When we honestly reflect on this, work is part of life.

As we begin to move away from the false idea of work life balance and look for ways to embrace greater harmony in all we do, this becomes the sweet spot.

For me the idea is to find greater harmony in: health, make choices focused on our priorities on how we spend our time personally and professionally, our relationships with others and ourselves and our relationship with food. At times we may experience some discord, which can be positive.

This discord helps us discover the sweet spot of where the melodic harmonies truly blend.

For several years I had the pleasure of singing in a beautiful women’s vocal ensemble Higher Ground. Each year we would sing a piece written by Eleanor Daley, a Canadian Composer. In each of these pieces, the phrasing of harmonies were breath taking along with the discord of dynamic key changes, pauses, blending with the descant line, and moving to a gorgeous melodic blend.

As in music, the discord along with the pause helps to create space for greater harmony to happen.

This is particularly true when we are coming together in different teams with a different lens, expertise and experience. Harmony becomes possible when we take time to pause.

What new ideas or strategies will you consider to embrace greater harmony in the coming year? How will you look at the discord as a positive as you build in time to pause and reflect and discover the sweet harmony of life?

Wishing you all the best for the coming week.

Be nourished in all you do.



At The Nourished Executive we coach business professionals and share strategies to invest in wellbeing, manage stress and prevent burnout. Our founder, Sharon K. Summerfield,  is a holistic nutritionist and certified breath coach, with an extensive business background.  We have a strong commitment to giving back, investing in local community creating space for all students to consider careers in construction, science, technology, engineering and math

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