Breath – The New Science of a Lost Art, written by James Nestor – a must read

This book, Breath – The New Science of a lost art, written by James Nestor, is a must read.  I was introduced to this book when I took the YogaBody Breathing Coach Training Certification.  Expanding my knowledge around the power of breath was a beautiful gift.

James Nestor  takes us on a journey as he looks to discover why we are experiencing so many negative health comes and ways the power of breath can improve our health.

One of the first signs of poor health is breathing through our mouth.

Adding to this is breathing shallow.  As our life styles have changed, we are eating softer foods, and this is changing the structure of our face.

As we find ways to enjoy more denser foods, where we need to chew,  this will help to support the structure of our faces, how we breath and will improve digestion.

In the author’s pursuit to learn more he undertakes a test on himself where he works with a professional having his nose blocked so he can only breathe through his mouth.  He develops sinus issues, has difficulty sleeping and yes experiencing sleep apnea and so many other negative health outcomes.

Once his nose is opened up and he returns to breathing through his nose it takes some time for his body to respond this change.

So what can we do?

Pay attention to how you are breathing and try to breathe only through your nose.  If you find yourself breathing through your mouth, try to correct this.  For some people, as is highlighted in the book, to move from mouth breathing to nose breathing, they tape their mouth closed.  First for only a few minutes, and then a little longer until they are able to sleep and rest breathing through their nose.

Take deep breaths throughout the day and exhale each breath, completely.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a breathing exercise.

As you begin your week and transition between meetings take a deep breath, through your nose, count to four (4); pause; and then exhale, through your nose for 8; and pause.  Repeat this a minimum of 4 times.

This is a powerful exercise to do, especially, if you are feeling stressed.  This will help to activate your vagus nerve and help you move to a greater sense of calm, and manage your day with greater clarity and focus.  The vagus nerve, helps to manage digestion and inflammation in our bodies.

For the vagus nerve to activate, you must be in the para-sympathetic response, rest and digest.

If learning more about breath interests you please do contact me and I am pleased to share additional exercises you can do anywhere.

I highly recommend this great book and was so pleased I was able to order this book from our local bookstore.  Such joy to shop local and invest in local community.

Be kind. Be patient. Take good care. Remember to breathe.

Be nourished in all you do.


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