Successful Aging – A Neuroscientist Explores the Power and Potential of our Lives, author Daniel J. Levitin

This is such a beautiful book on aging. We can be engaged doing exciting things and continuing to learn and grow as we age.  Author Levitin is an amazing story teller and he will take you on a great journey throughout this book.

Author Levitin begins and ends the book with the question:

“What would it mean for all of us to think of the elderly as a resource rather than burden and of aging as culmination rather than denouement? “

I loved this thought from the book

“We need to educate ourselves and our families about the advantages of aging – the wisdom, the bias toward positivity, the compassion that older adults exhibit.  As individuals, as community members, as a society, it is in all our best interests to help construct a culture that embraces the gifts of the elderly, weaving cross generational interactions into the fabric of everyday experience.”

Successful Aging is filled with amazing stories from those who are aging well and continuing to find their purpose as they grow younger as they age well into over 100 years young.

Highlighted in this book is research on the positive impacts of doing even a little exercise.  Ulrik Wisloff, head of the Cardiac Exercise Research Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a member of the American Heart Association Statistics Committee published research that small amounts of physical activity can transform brain health and longevity. Link to the research is in this location: Part of this research was to consider your fitness age.  The link to the survey to look at your Fitness Age is in this location:

Some highlights:

  • Keep doing what you love and be engaged with meaningful work
  • Look forward not back.Photography by Sharon K. Summerfield near Englishman River in Parksville, BC
  • Keep moving.
  • Walking in nature is one of the best activities you can do.
  • Engage in healthy living.
  • Consider ways to engage in more intuitive ways to eat by listening to your body.
  • Strive for better balance in your body by eating at regular times and enjoying whole food.
  • Be social and spend time with people younger than you.
  • Interact with others, in person, to enhance your creativity.
  • Learn more about technology.
  • Be mindful on how you use technology and make decisions on when you will disconnect each and every day.
  • See your doctor as you need to.
  • Appreciate all your cognitive strengths.
  • Continue to learn by doing new things.

To the love of reading.  Be inspired – stay curious – keep learning.

Be kind. Be patient. Be nourished in all you do.

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