Reflect on where you spend your time with kindness

As each of us look forward and continue to find our way, perhaps this is an opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on lessons learned from other challenging times. We are living in a different time and life as we know it has now changed.

This thought resonated with me:

When we are facing life’s many challenges, often the most powerful response is to stop, take some time to quiet the mind and body, and reflect on a simple question: What is called for now? Janice Marturano

One of the things I have done repeatedly, more in a professional setting, was to capture accurately where my time was going. This was motivated by a personal desire that something different was needed. The insights were amazing. After reviewing where I was spending my time this opened a new window for me to change the how and when I was working, considering the personalities and working styles of everyone in my life, while making self-care a priority.

What if each of us took one day to see where our time is going and reflect on this with kindness?

Consider how we want to show up for ourselves, our families and our teams. And, how we can best engage taking into the account the different personalities and working styles of everyone in our lives and all we are trying to harmonize.

I do believe by taking these moments to stop and quiet the mind and body, we can honestly look at what is called for now. As you begin your week consider how you can connect and engage.

Perhaps it is as simple as recognizing and honouring I am doing my very best and this is all I can do today.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Schedule some downtime and create space to openly share how you are managing and feeling with those you trust. Together, connecting from a distance we are finding our way.

Take good care and please do stay safe. Be nourished in all you do.

Photo credit:  Sharon K. Summerfield, Horne Lake, BC Canada


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